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is a triatomic molecule, an unstable gas with a half-life of a few minutes, allotrope of oxygen energized able to break and cut down totally large macromolecular components that are the basis of life for bacteria, viruses and fungi, also with degreasing properties and whitening deodorants. Even with the minimum of time the percentage of inactivation of viruses is of 99.99%.

It is a natural unstable gas that decays more or less rapidly in relation to the temperature, transforming itself in oxygen. Therefore it can’t be neither stored nor transported, it should be generated on the site of use. It is a highly ecological sanitation system, picks up oxygen from the air and returns oxygen.


Our mission is to make the noble properties of this gas available.

Revita Oxygen is easy to use, highly efficient and of small dimensions.

Economic, by irrelevant costs of management and its high benefits, requires no maintenance and doesn’t present high installation costs.

The room air is the raw material that is used for the production of ozone.


Is a device designed to satisfy innovative customers, who experiment and are projected to improve the quality of life and the care of the proper body, with high respect for the environment putting forward what Nature provides for our health.

The result of the "Italian engineering", it represents the stimulus and only the first step towards a healthier life.


In its "AIR" function, the system eliminates quickly the present bacterial loads by restoring a pristine environment.

It removes any smell, sanitizes all surfaces by penetrating deeply into all tissues,

entering in air conditioning systems and ventilation channels and in all drains destroying any micro-organism.

In July 1996, with protocol n° 24482 the Italian Ministry of Health has recognized the ozone as

“Presidio naturale per la sterilizzazione di ambienti” ("Natural Presidium for the sterilization of environments”).

For 15/30 cubic meters environments, press start, after setting the timer for 10 minutes

For 50 cubic meters environments, press start, after setting the timer for 15 minutes


Ideal for the car’s cockpit interior sanitation. It completely eliminates bad odors and cigarette smoke even from the seats.

Place Revita Oxygen on the car dashboard, set the timer for 5-7 minutes (depending on size) and press start. If you also desire to sanitize the air conditioning system, perform the operation with the motor turned on, open vents and turn on the air conditioning.

Once you have finished, wait a few minutes before returning to the car in order to allow the ozone to transform into oxygen.

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