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  • Bath Oil eucalyptus
Bath Oil eucalyptus

Bath Oil eucalyptus

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HERBAL BATH OIL with aroma-intensive essential eucalyptus oil develops a pleasant aroma and can provide you with a beneficial and relieving bath experience when there is a risk of cold and cold symptoms such as cough, runny nose, congestion and sore throat. Together with the beneficial effect of warm water and eucalyptus bath oil, your body becomes pleasantly comforted and your well-being can noticeably improve. Enjoy a moment of relief when feeling sick and under the weather with this herbal bath oil to aid in relieving congestion and opening the airways.

Eucalyptus Bath Oil is the perfect relief when suffering from cold and flu symptoms and looking for relief and energy. Discover the benefits yourself with a relaxing bath with our luxurious bath oil.

Relief from Cold & Flu Symptoms

Made with natural, skin-loving and wellness boosting ingredients to help you with a speedy recovery. At the first signs of sinus and cold symptoms, hop into a warm bath with eucalyptus herbal bath oils and enjoy as the powerful essential oils work to decongest your airways. A hot bath increases the supply of blood around your body which prevents bacteria and viruses from establishing themselves on the mucosa and spreading even further. The bodys defense systems are mobilized and enhanced by the beneficial effects of eucalyptus.

Discover the Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is obtained from the fresh leaves of the Eucalyptus tree. It is known to have the following natural benefits:

•Aromatherapy effects to relax the body

•Antifungal powers to ward off germs and sickness

•Relieve chest and nasal congestion

•Alleviate symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and stuffy nose

•Stimulate the mind and body from sluggishness

Give Your Body the Benefit of Bath  with a simple plan to maintain good health through the healing powers of water and plants. His full bath water cure not only refreshes your whole body but uses water pressure to relax your body and stimulate the organisms. The temperature of your hydrotherapy treatment is essential. If the bath is too cold it requires your body to use lots of energy to restore the body temperature back to its normal level and also constricts the blood vessels. Soak for 15 to 20 minutes and reap the reward of bathing.

Experience Color Therapy

Each color has a different effect on the organisms and can create a wide variety of emotional states of mind. The greenish-blue hues of the eucalyptus bubble bath can promote inner balance, relaxation and calming effects. Combining aromatherapy, color therapy and the steam of the bath creates the ultimate bath experience to include in your personal care and recovery ritual.

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